Know Yourself, Know Your Doctor

In our busy lives, it is hard to take time out for ourselves. If health issues arise, we rely on the “quick fix” or the new product that gives immediate results. We will often settle for less than adequate outcomes, because we just don’t have the time. The reality is that exercise, medical care, and dental care need and require adequate time.

It is important to allow your doctor the appropriate time to gather the information needed to make an adequate diagnosis, and learn what your needs and concerns are. This is commonly called the co-diagnosis appointment. In dentistry, making time to assess a situation allows for thorough treatment planning that directly affects the final outcome.

For example, cosmetic dentistry takes time and care. First, what are the patient’s expectations, and can they be met? Secondly, is there an understanding about how treatment will be rendered and are the expenses and payment methods clearly understood. Taking the time to feel comfortable with the whole process is the beginning. Accepting the time frame to accomplish the steps needed, allows for the best results. Know yourself, know your doctor, and great dentistry can be accomplished. Your dentist can provide what you allow him or her to provide.